Kim Titus
MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Kim Titus had the gravitas to create this character…His path through this story was a roller-coaster and Titus plays through all these divergent emotions with sensitivity and believability. -Charlie Bowles, John Garcia’s The Column LOVE’S LABOURS LOST …providing delicious moments of humor and comment on what other characters are doing. Titus fit this part well, as his Lordly demeanor made Boyet both playfully challenging to the Ladies while being put in his place by them. -Charlie Bowles, John Garcia’s The Column PERSUASION Kim Titus was entertaining as Sir Walter Elliot, the vain patriarch of the Elliot family. Titus was able to inject a bit of childlike charm into his role, which made his character’s constant obsession with pretty people an ongoing source of humor, rather than annoyance. -Nicole Mulupi, The Column Online NOISES OFF “…Kim Titus as actor Selsdon Mowbray…picked up several comedy gems along the way and became highlights of the performance. Actor Selsdon Mowbray is the actor many of us have figuratively or literally held up onstage in a play. He drinks whenever possible, comes in too early or misses his cue altogether, and Kim Titus’ portrayal of Mowbray was hysterically too close for comfort. Droll-faced, slack-jawed, and slumpy-stanced, Titus played an actor who was only there for the gig. The only time Mowbray’s face brightened like a child with a new toy was when finding a bottle hidden backstage. Titus’ comedy timing  doing something as mundane as throwing a fake brick through a fake window made the audience howl, a have to see moment to fully appreciate. For an outsider character, he certainly made his performance up front and center.” -Mary L. Clark, John Garcia’s THE COLUMN FOX ON THE FAIRWAY Titus and Thomas, real pros we don’t get to see onstage often enough, go right up to the line of doing too much but never cross it.” -Lawson Taitte, The Dallas Morning News “All of this silliness is smacked off the tee smartly by an excellent cast….the cast list is brimming with fine actors.” -Punch Shaw, Fort Worth Star-Telegram OUR TOWN Familiar professional actor Kim Titus, as George’s father, Dr. Gibbs…especially stand[s] out.                                          -Punch Shaw, Fort Worth Star-Telegram Titus and Holman glow with special warmth in a scene where they recall the joys and fears of their own wedding day                                                      -Jan Farrington, Theater Jones Holman and Titus allowed their characters to breathe as they showed a family’s conservative values and high expectations for their children, but they also created sublime, quiet moments together in showing an understanding love between parents who have been married many years.                             -Charles Bowles, John Garcia’s THE COLUMN